14 Nov

Fractured: Kit Harington and his break-up

Just two days ago, it was reported that actor Kit Harington recently split up with his girlfriend Rose Leslie. While a shock to fans of both Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, people more close to the couple have said that this is a long time coming. Whether this is true or not doesn’t change what has happened.

Fans have long enjoyed seeing images of Harington and Leslie together as they closely mimicked the couple from Game of Thrones, a show they are both a part of. It seems as though the show might itself be part of the problem as it is reported that problems began to arise because of intense scheduling. Some sources say that Harington didn’t have the free time to spend with Leslie and this led to quarreling and bickering that quickly led to fighting.

Other sources suggest that Leslie was too overbearing towards Harington and this led to arguments and fighting. A still third opinion lays the blame on fellow GOT actress Emilia Clarke for getting too close to Harington over time. Regardless of the ultimate cause, it seems as though the celebrity break-up is official and expected to last for the foreseeable future.

While Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have yet to report on what has happened, the basic facts now seem apparent to all. What role the show and Emilia Clarke played in the break-up is debatable, but it seems that overall, Harington and Leslie just no longer connected enough to overcome their arguments. Whether or not they will in the foreseeable future is anyone’s guess.

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